The D&D Advantage
Since it's founding in 1979, D&D has consistently adapted to the never ending changes in modern retailing. Our market experience in dealing with a network of hundreds of prospects and customers, across many channels and product categories provides a great advantage for the manufacturers D&D represents.

How does this market experience and expertise benefit your company? D&D retail sales representation delivers:

  Take advantage of our Four Decades Plus Established Reputation in the Marketplace. Buyers know and trust D&D.  
  Key Account Category Segmentation that provides manufacturers with multiple entry points into an account, maximum product placement and cross merchandising opportunities. Many manufacturers miss opportunities to get additional product placed throughout an account either because they lack the relationships with buyers outside of their traditional product categories or they overlook these secondary opportunities.  
  Understanding Customer Complexities helps to overcome barriers to entry as well as avoid costly mistakes in program design and compliance.  
  Business Development Services which offer market insight, sales training and national sales management assistance. Our Business Development team provides that needed sales support that all too frequently gets eliminated during cost cutting initiatives, leaving a sales team without the basic tools they need to succeed.  
  As D&D sees a broad spectrum of retail marketplace, we are in a unique position to Spot Emerging Trends both inside and outside of the channels and product categories your company serves. Sharing this market insight can lead to product development break-throughs, brand partnerships and category extensions that can literally change the scope of your business.  
  A start up In-House sales force requires a significant investment of resources simply to identify prospects for your products. With D&D, we know the markets, we know the buyers, and we deliver you the results at a Fixed Cost to your company.